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Streamlining financial matters in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

by The Federal Circuit Court will adopt a new process for dealing with applications for property and/or spousal maintenance orders in an effort to streamline management of those matters. On the first court date for hearing an application for property and/or spousal maintenance orders, the parties will appear before a Registrar rather than a Judge, for directions to get the matter
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Important Dates for Filing Applications in the Family Court of Australia

by Christmas can be difficult for families at the best of times, but it can be particularly difficult for separated families. The closing date for the filing applications for parenting orders in the Family Court of Australia to be heard prior to Christmas is fast approaching. The cut off date this year is 4.00 pm on Friday 8 November 2019.  
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Grandparent Rights When Parents Separate

by The Family Law Act is the source of power to make Parenting Orders for responsibility for making decisions for a child, about where they live, who they spend time with, their education, health and other long term care and welfare matters. Since 2000, grandparents have been specifically identified as persons, who apart from parents, may apply for parenting orders under
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Family Violence and Cross Examination

by From 10 September 2019, personal cross-examination will be banned in family law proceedings in certain circumstances where allegations of family violence have been raised.  Personal cross-examination is where a party asks questions of another party or witness directly, rather than having the questions asked by a lawyer. Under the scheme, cross-examination will now be conducted by legal representatives. Unrepresented litigants
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How to save $1000's on your divorce or separation

by The financial cost of having a Court decide how property is to be divided or how children are to parented can be disproportionate to the value of property or the issues in dispute. The hours spent preparing for hearings, meeting with solicitors and barristers, and attending Court can cost tens of thousands in legal fees and Court fees. Cases often
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What is a non-financial contribution and why does it matter?

by When parties to a relationship start their lives together and through hard work, and some luck, they build up their savings and acquire property and superannuation, how are their contributions measured if the decision is made to separate and divide what they own? Financial contributions such as having the deposit for the first home or owning a block of land
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Rectifying Defective Binding Financal Agreements – Graham & Squibb

by In the recent case of Graham & Squibb [2019] FamCAFC 33 (2019) FLC 93-892, the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia considered an appeal on the question of whether a Binding Financial Agreement was effective to protect he pre-marital assets of the parties from claim. The Husband and Wife married in July 2008.  Shortly before the marriage, the
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Which Contact Centre is the right Contact Centre?

by When a Court orders that a parent’s time with a child should be supervised it generally means that there are serious allegations in relation to the safety of the child. The place where the parent and child meet or in some cases where changeover happens, should be safe and staffed by people with experience and skills in child protection. Supervisors
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