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05 September 2017

Have you seen our snail ad?


You may have seen our snail ad around town recently. If you did we hope you had a chuckle. If however, you feel like the snail with no shell why don’t you consider coming in to see one of our family lawyers for advice about your property entitlements?

Our initial consultation gives you the time and opportunity to feel comfortable and discuss your legal issues is detail.  It gives us the opportunity to assess what issues are most important to you and provide you with information about the range of options available to you to resolve your legal issues.

We offer an initial consultation which goes for around 1 to 2 hours for a set fee of $330 inclusive of GST. There are no obligations and no additional costs.  The initial consultation also gives us the opportunity to advise you about the likely costs associated with your options.

We offer private consultations in our rooms at New Farm in Brisbane with off street parking for your convenience.  Consultations can also be conducted by telephone or Skype if preferred.

To get the best value out of your initial consultation we suggest that you be prepared to provide us with the information that we need:

Property Settlement

  • If your enquiry relates to property settlement it is helpful if you can give us a list of the assets, liabilities and financial resources of the relationship and some details about each parties contributions (both financial and non-financial) to those assets. Details of factors that may affect you in the future such as income and earning capacity and health issues will also be helpful for your lawyer. Don’t worry if you have limited knowledge of the assets, liabilities and financial resources, we can assist you with gathering that information.

Spousal Maintenance

  • If your enquiry relates to spousal maintenance it would be helpful to provide information about your current income and earning capacity, your current reasonable needs and whether you are struggling to meet your financial obligations. It would also be helpful if you were able to provide some details about the current income and earning capacity of your former partner.

Parenting Matters

  • If your enquiry relates to parenting matters be prepared to discuss your children’s historical and current living arrangements, routines and any special needs that they may have. If applicable to your situation, issues such as domestic violence, abuse and neglect are always highly relevant when dealing with parenting matters. Please also give consideration to what your objectives are for the long term arrangements for your children.

Child Support

  • If your enquiry relates to child support, it would be helpful to receive any correspondence between yourself and the child support agency (if it exists) or otherwise details of your income, the other parent’s income, and the amount of time the child/ren spends in the care of each parent.

The breakdown of a relationship or family can be an incredibly difficult thing to go through. The quality of your legal advice will have a direct impact on how you start the next chapter of your life. The quality of your legal advice may also impact upon the suitability of future parenting arrangements and how child focused those arrangements end up being. Family Law is all we do at McPhee Lawyers and we are focused on providing the highest quality practical advice to our client’s to help them through to the next stage of their lives.

Please book an appointment online or contact us today for an initial consultation.

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