Just as each family is unique, so are the interests of your family – best met by a tailored approach.

Property Matters

The Family Law Act provides for the division of property between spouses. Learn more.


We are able to assist you with an application for divorce. Learn more.

Financial Agreements

We can help with Financial Agreements during or in contemplation of marriage or a de facto relationship. Learn more.

Parenting Matters

Parenting arrangements can be dealt with informally, by a parenting plan or by Court Order. Learn more.

Spouse Maintenance

We can assist with documentation for Spousal Maintenance. Learn more.


Resolve issues between people with the help of a neutral expert. Learn more.

Collaborative Law

A dispute resolution approach at working together to reach a settlement. Learn more.

Child Support & Child Maintenance

We can help with financial support for children, private agreements or maintenance orders. Learn more.

Interstate & International Matters

We have experience in international property matters and international child abduction. Learn more.

Domestic & Family Violence

We can assist you when applying for a protection order in your local Magistrates Court. Learn more.

De facto & Same Sex Relationships

We are able to advise in relation to de facto and same sex relationships. Learn more.

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