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14 years and $40,000,000 later - the most expensive divorce in Australia has finally concluded!

by The Family Court of Australia has finally ended Australia’s most expensive divorce. The case of Strahan & Strahan is exhausting.  The parties’ married in 1994 and separated in January 2005.  They divorced in 2006. Shortly after separation in 2005, the Wife filed proceedings seeking property Orders in the Family Court of Australia.  The fact that the litigation lasted longer than
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A Lesson in Indemnity Costs Orders

by As set out in our previous blog post, the recent case of Graft & McCormick (Costs) [2018] FamCAFC 82 is a timely reminder that you should consider your prospects of success in every application you make (or defend) to the Court and to ensure that your proceedings are drafted correctly. What happened? At first instance, Graft & McCormick concerned four separate
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The hidden cost of representing yourself in family law matters

by It is common at the Family Law Court and the Federal Circuit Court for at least one party to be a self-represented litigant (“SRL”). Litigants may choose to represent themselves for a range of reasons including: They cannot afford legal representation and do not qualify for a grant of legal aid. Some litigants simply have no other option; or They
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