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Important Dates for Filing Applications in the Family Court of Australia

by Christmas can be difficult for families at the best of times, but it can be particularly difficult for separated families. The closing date for the filing applications for parenting orders in the Family Court of Australia to be heard prior to Christmas is fast approaching. The cut off date this year is 4.00 pm on Friday 8 November 2019.  
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Grandparent Rights When Parents Separate

by The Family Law Act is the source of power to make Parenting Orders for responsibility for making decisions for a child, about where they live, who they spend time with, their education, health and other long term care and welfare matters. Since 2000, grandparents have been specifically identified as persons, who apart from parents, may apply for parenting orders under
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Help! I want to change my child’s last name: Navigating the name change process in Queensland

by Changing a child’s last name is easy right?  Maybe, maybe not. While informally changing your child’s last name is as simple as writing that name on a piece of paper and/or declaring that the child will now be known as “Child LastNameX”, the process to legally change your child’s last name can be a little more complicated. In Queensland, if
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What is a Family Report?

by A Family Report is a report written by an independent expert to assist the Court in determining what parenting arrangements would best meet the interests of the child or children who are the subject of a parenting dispute. Report writers are usually experienced social workers or psychologists who are either in private practice or employed directly by the Court. When
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