We offer a fixed fee initial consultation.  The appointments usually last between 1 – 2 hours.
An initial consultation with Arlene Stanovitch costs $495 (inclusive of GST).
An initial consultation with Damien Janbroers costs $385 (inclusive of GST).

Our fees are very competitive. Regardless of whether you are paying as you go or on completion, we render fully itemized accounts on a monthly basis or fortnightly if fees in that period exceed $500. We understand that its horses for courses and will tailor a solution that best fits your needs at a realistic cost.

In some circumstances we can defer the payment of our professional fees until completion or accept periodic payments. This needs to be raised by you and discussed at the initial consultation.

Payment Methods:
Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, EFTPOS, Direct Credit

For more information contact us to speak with one of McPhee Lawyers experienced family lawyers.